For Bale Press Products, we have the advanced technology manufacturing unit. It helps us in manufacturing and fulfilling, our wide range in the most suitable manner. We take the required materials from the most trusted business people who are ever very responding. Our unit equips with high-level machinery and tools to fulfill the responsibility in a timely manner. Bale Press products of N-TEX are applicable for Paddy Wheat Straw, PET Bottles, Metal, Aluminum, and Tin Scrap. Our team of technical staff maintains and supervises the production unit in a very responsible manner. N-TEX-the foremost and famous manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter, retailer and supplier of Bale Press Box.


All Bale Press Models are available from 10 tons to 200 tons & above capacity, with option of hand operating system / semi-automatic or fully automatic control panel system with limit switch or various types of limit sensors.

Areas Of Application

Bale Press products of N-TEX are applicable for Paddy Wheat Straw, PET Bottles, Metal, Aluminium and Tin Scrap

Applications Of Other Bale Press

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Due to commitment to serve better & proven technology, we reserve the rights to make technical alterations.